Hosting an event... 

Wallstreet Common is open to businesses that wish to host various events throughout the year.  Members of Wallstreet Common and non-member businesses are welcome to rent the common area based on its availability and approved event use.  Please fill our the form below to let us know what type of event you are interested in hosting.  Our admin team will contact you within a few business days to follow up with your application. 

Wallstreet Common Events Application Form

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Confirming your Event

 After we receive your date and time request, if the space is available, we will email you an Event Review Application so we can better understand your event and needs.  This application must be filled out and submitted by a company owner or representative, who will supply two business references with the application.   After approving your event application we will send you the event rental agreement. You will then have 24 hours to confirm the quote in writing or by email if you want the booking.  A $150 e-transferred damage/event confirmation deposit must be provided at the time of signing the event lease agreement. This deposit reserves your event date and will be refunded in the event the applicant cancels the event no less than 2 weeks prior to the event day.  If the event is cancelled after the 2 week deadline, no refund will be issued.  This deposit will be refunded to the applicant within 5 business days after the event, upon agreeable inspection by the landlord.  If damage is assessed by the landlord, the applicant agrees to pay for any damage to property according to a Wallstreet Common chosen contractor assessment and quote.  

Usage Terms and Conditions

  • Insurance: Wallstreet Common requests all rentals are covered with a minimum one million dollar liability insurance. This may already exist as part of your commercial general liability or your tenants legal liability. If you are a home based business, it is recommended that you be covered by a home based business extension on your existing home policy. We ask that you provide a copy of your insurance (naming Wallstreet common as a third party for the date of your event) to the Wallstreet Common Office within one week of your event. Rental groups are responsible for their liability insurance and Wallstreet Common is not liable for any personal belongings, equipment etc. of the rental group which are lost or damaged. The rental group is responsible for damages of any amount not limited to the deposit to the premises by their invited guests or independent contractors during the time the premises are under their control (Please note it is at the renters discretion whether or not to purchase event insurance. Renters will be held financially responsible for any damage done to the building).

  • Liquor: Those serving alcohol must present a liquor permit prior to the rental date. A valid Provincial liquor Permit must be presented to the administrative assistant prior to the function or the event will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.

  • Furniture: No moving or re-arranging of larger furniture unless prior approval is granted.

  • Guest Entrance to Event: If the event is after office hours, the doors will be locked, thus it will be up to the tenant/member/renter to monitor the coming and goings of all guests. If the event is being put on by someone outside of the Wallstreet Common Network, the landlord will ensure a Wallstreet Common representative is in the building during the event. Keys will not be issued to renters. Please do a walk through of the building after the event to ensure all guests have left the premises. It is the tenants/member/renters job to ensure all lights that can be turned off have been and that the door locks securely behind the last person out. The applicant will be responsible to ensure guests at the event respect tenants, coworkers and the property of Wallstreet Common. They will ensure the event space is in the condition agreed upon in the Event Lease Agreement by the end time on the contract, which shall be no later than 11pm.

  • Security: Event host is responsible to ensure guests stay within the specified event space and do not enter office areas. As such, the host agrees to station individuals at both entrances to the offices:

    • one person to monitor the front door to let guests in and to ensure guests remain on the main floor,

    • one person to monitor the hallway access to main floor offices to ensure guests remain in the event space specified.

  • Fire Regulations: The City of Saskatoon’s Fire and Safety Regulations set limits of the capacity allowed in the rooms. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that the limit is not exceeded. Violation of the set limit will result in cancellation of the event and forfeiture of the deposit. Access to all doors must be kept clear.

  • Kitchen use: Wallstreet does not have a commercial kitchen facility, therefore food cannot be prepared on location, but can be brought in (catering etc.). The kitchen must be cleaned before leaving including washing the counters, wiping the fridge, cleaning the sinks, loading the dish washer, sweeping the floor, and emptying the garbage and taking it with you to dispose of on your own.

  • Food policy: All serving and catering services are the renters responsibility to book and over see. Wallstreet Common requires notice and description of the food planned by the rental group and reserves the right to allow or refuse the food request.

  • Equipment: Based on capacity allowed per event and availability, Wallstreet Common may provide tables and chairs. Other specific equipment needs of the rental group can be identified on the rental application and discussed with the administrative assistant. Groups are responsible for set-up and putting away all furniture and equipment used in the proper place during their rental time.

  • Photos: Appropriate live or taped entertainment/music and photography is allowed. During events Wallstreet common claims rights to send in their marketing team to take photos strictly for marketing purposes on Wallstreet Commons website and social media pages. All renters will be asked to sign a waiver agreeing to these terms and conditions. Any issues renters may have with this policy are to be discussed with the administrative team at the time of event space booking.

  • Setup and Cleanup: The rental space must be left clean and tidy after the event. Cleaning checklist will be provided with contract to be completed and signed by applicant then handed to WSC staff or scanned and sent to